What is a Sustainable Life? It’s the modern world need of the hour, while we are leading towards a  completely resource exhausted world. Sustainability refers to the capacity for Earth’s resources and human civilization to co-exist. It requires us to mindfully not exhaust the resources on this planet. 

From the moment we wake until we sleep we keep dumping in harsh chemicals and exploiting the resources. Our survival has become selfish and it’s time we understand the impacts on the environment and make a better place to live for future generations. It’s really not tough to do that and requires a slight shift from the choices of products we consume to wade through our daily morning routine.

Wake up routine 

1. Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are so convenient to use and lighter in weight compared to plastic ones. Along with bamboo handles, the bristles come with biodegradable materials making these brushes the best eco-friendly and sustainable product alternative everyday morning cleaning the teeth with lots of responsibility towards mother nature. Grab a pack of toothbrushes from ISME.

2. Good Old Tooth Powder 

Toothpaste comes in tubes for user convenience and is one of the main reasons for landfill.1.5 billion tubes are discarded annually as per reports online. Some companies are very consciously using 100 per cent green Polyethylene, a 100% virgin PE derived from Sugarcane and renewable raw material. These pastes in Green polyethene covers may not be pocket friendly but the tooth powders with herbs and ancient eco-friendly formulas are good for teeth and strengthen the gums. It goes well with the bamboo toothbrush and can be your eco-friendly dental kit. Check the various options for Tooth powders available here.

3. Soaps Good for your skin and earth

With the highest paid models and actresses in the fanciest way commercially selling soaps give an illusion of royalty and promises all sorts of magical results. Dropping down to reality we can expect ourselves to be considerate in understanding that we need a soap that can harm the environment and our skin a lot less. 

Organic homemade soaps with zero silicone, paraben and sulfate are the best solution. These soaps are based on coconut oil or any natural oils. Try some natural loofah that can remove dead skins all over your body. Check out a wide range of soaps available from many home entrepreneurs who are bringing a change to the environment and user-friendly products.


4. Shampoo Bar which makes less plastic waste and helps your hair strength

Liquid shampoos are packaged in plastic containers. Shampoo bars can be packaged in biodegradable packaging and will last you a long time. They are easy to carry and available in various herbal combinations as per your hair requirement.

Plastic doesn’t stop at the packaging. Many liquid shampoos have microplastics in them! Microplastics are plastics that are smaller than 0.5mm in size. Don’t see microplastic in the ingredients list? Try looking for resins, waxes or silicones instead. Ingredients like dimethicone and polyethene help your hair look shiny but they are, in fact, microplastics. When you wash your hair, these microplastics go back into our water bodies. 

5. Neem Combs can heal your scalp and groom your hair

Combing in plastic combs is too dangerous to the environment but using a wooden comb made of Neem helps in activating the blood circulations in the scalp, prevents hair fall and any fungal scalp issues. These combs disintegrate into the environment and are great for an eco-friendly switch.

Food  Time

6. Start your day with Sip of green tea in glazed clay mugs with a Swag

Instead of using plastic cups and mugs, using colourful studio pottery mugs can add style to your coffee table and also help the environment and local artisans who launch these creative products.

7. Mindful Breakfast with local and traditional foods

Traditional Rice is a very good alternative option.

Going vocal for locals, you can choose the breakfast options like Black Rice Poha or a native variety of rice made into putty or Kolkata or idiyappam (south Indian steamed breakfast options).

Any other local food options locally sourced helps in transport costs, packing costs and is much fresher for the body to consume.

8. Stainless Reusable Straw

Easily washable and eco-friendly reusable straw is a must to avoid the one-time use of plastic straws. Every day we have millions of plastic straws used and land in oceans and landfills. These straws come with a small brush to clean the internal area of the straw. It’s a must-have product to keep in your handbag or back up and use whenever you feel like having a glass of juice or milkshake. Click here to get one immediately.

Wash  Time

1. Wash with coconut scrub 

Our Grannie knew well about coconut fibre power although we ditched her idea and moved on with fancy plastic fibre ones. Time takes a U-turn again and says grannie’s idea was sustainable and earth-friendly. Also, there is no fear of residue particles staying back in the plate.

2. Eco dishwasher 

The commercial dishwasher bar or liquid comes with many toxic residues which are harmful for your hands, vessels and as well as the environment. Eco alternatives give your vessels spotless cleaning, without leaving any toxic residue on your dishes. Protects the surface of delicate cookware and is completely safe for ceramic, glass and metal. Works well with the coconut scrub and is ash-based.


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