About us


‘I Save My Earth’ is the beginning of a journey to in cultivate and practice environment responsibility in
everyday lifestyle.

‘ISMEKART’ is a one stop solution to shop Sustainable, Nature friendly, local Food and Lifestyle products online. It also helps you get closer to nature based eating habits and helps in nourishing yourself
internally. We are happy to help you get one step closer to nature on purchase of every product in our
online cart. We strongly believe strong changes can happen from an individual from the choices made to
live on this beautiful planet.

What We Believe?

ISMEKART is an online initiative of the concept  ‘I Save My Earth’. We believe in connecting individuals to the right and comfortable choice of lifestyle products which are eco-friendly or handmade or traditionally made and close to nature. We strongly believe that every customer will be proud to say      ” I Save My Earth” with every transaction in Ismekart.

Our Value

‘I Save My Earth’  is highly committed to its customers and nature. We strongly believe in responsible, reliable and long term relationships connecting our customers with nature.

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