You Will Ditch Your Regular Corn Flakes Breakfast For This Tastier And Healthier Quick Option
You Will Ditch Your Regular Corn Flakes Breakfast For This Tastier And Healthier Quick Option

You Will Ditch Your Regular Corn Flakes Breakfast For This Tastier And Healthier Quick Option


If you always have a thin breakfast timeline and you are bored of eating the same typical corn flakes which are quick to make, convenient, ready-to-eat and easily available.

These processed corn flakes may be low in fat, but they make up for that in the amount of sugar present in them, making them unhealthy for daily consumption. Due to their high levels of Sugar, they have a high Glycaemic Index (GI) value, making them not apt for daily consumption which may lead to obesity and diabetes. 


Black Rice flakes are interestingly clinically proven to have lesser GI values. Black Rice is usually grown with native seeds in a traditional and organic manner without any pesticide or fertilizers. 

Rice Flakes are the best healthiest alternative to corn flakes and can be easily made with minimum ingredients and time.

Let’s jump into the details of superb yummy Rice flakes breakfast recipes that will keep making you feel light and healthy.

Spicy Poha (Making time 10 min)

Pre Preparation(5 minutes)

Wash one cup of Poha in running water and then soak in minimum water.

 Ensure that the Rice Flakes are covered in water and soak them for 5 minutes, This is essential to make the Black Rice Poha soft.

Unlike the regular white poha Black Poha is highly fibrous and soaking helps to ease it out.



One Chopped Onion

Handful of Chopped Coriander

3 Sliced Green Chilli

Few Curry Leaves

Handful of Groundnuts

Turmeric powder




Take a frying pan or Indian Kadai, Add 2 spoons of oil and saute the groundnuts till they get a brown colour. This is essential for keeping the groundnut crunchy. This is the best part of eating this Spicy Poha, groundnuts make it royal and interesting.

Over to the same add mustard seeds and green chilly and finally add onions. Saute it mildly to almost glass texture and then add soaked poha into it. 

Add a pinch of turmeric powder and salt as required and mix the ingredient well in a low simmer. 

Close the lid and let it cook for 2 minutes. Garnish it by finally adding the chopped coriander and mix it well. 

Tip Note: Complete cooking of Spicy Poha is recommended in low flame, to avoid poha becoming crunchy.


Fruit and Nut Rice Flakes Bowl (Making time 5 min)

Pre Preparation(5 minutes)

Wash the Rice Flakes or Poha or Aval quantity as desired(1 cup for one person) and let it soak in water for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, you can collect all your favourite assorted nuts mixed with almonds, cashews, walnut, pistachio, cherries, figs and sliced banana. In the washed and soaked poha add all the rich assorted nuts and fresh fruit like banana Mix it mildly and pour in one cup of hot creamy milk.

Here you go !! Nutritious Breakfast is ready in just five minutes.

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Health Benefits You Must Know

These Rice Flakes are nothing but flattened rice and retains the fibre from the husk unlike the rice itself. Black Rice comes with unique benefits are rich antioxidant,Vitamin E and can help you stay young with beautiful skin.


Additionally Not only Black rice the same recipe can be done with Mapillai Samba Rice Flakes which are mildly red in colour, but they do also have a unique flavour and is very good for men to increase vitality and inner strength. To know the benefits of Mapillai Samba Rice Flakes read here.


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